MP45 Results

Why did I pick MP45?

With so many workout programs out there preaching results, why did I choose MP45? Well, I couldn’t find a single bad review. If that wasn’t convincing enough, it was also the cheapest option compared to p90x, insanity, and similar programs. Being the cheapskate that I am, this was a no brainer.


Does it work?




Why does it work?

It works because science does not fail. Years of research went into developing this program, and it shows. The program consists of three books. There’s a nutrition, training, and day-by-day instructional book. I found the nutrition and training book very helpful. For me, this was awesome. It’s hard for me to just have someone, or something, to just tell me what to do. These books let me understand the science behind MP45, and this really motivated me to follow the program. I was really surprised by how detailed the guide was. It tells you exactly what to do. And I mean exactly. It tells you exactly what to eat at each meal, and what exercises/reps/sets to do. I remember first opening the program and thinking about how much work must have gone into it because it’s so detailed. Despite this, it’s still very easy to follow. However, I think this program works because they tell it how it is. Sure, it’s nice to think a six-pack can be achieved by some pills and a few crunches, but MP45 doesn’t try to be unrealistic. They tell the truth, and I can appreciate that. One line that comes to mind…“You need to push yourself mentally and you need to realize that if you want to grow you need to stress the muscles like never before.” Although this seems obvious, you would be surprised. It’s amazing what the human body can do; you just have to will yourself past the limit. Another thing they say is, “Rome was not built in one day.” It’s important to remain realistic. This is a gradual process, but after a few weeks you will see your body transforming into something you thought you could never have. Let me tell you, that is a feeling that can’t be put into words. So…why does it work? Because it’s proven science. Simple as that.




Half of MP45 is focused on nutrition. This is key, as nutrition is essential for losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass. One thing they said was, “You can train like an animal, but if you don’t eat smart and rest, you won’t get ripped at all.”  MP45 comes with the nutrition book, as well as a detailed nutritional plan that tells you exactly what and when to eat. This can be intimidating at first, but when you see how effective it is, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Trust me. Plus, I can impress people with the vast knowledge that I have gained! For example, I learned that a Margarita is a whopping 750 calories, although I wouldn’t try using this as a pickup line…MP45 understands the science behind proper nutrition, and this is one of the reasons why I got the results I did. They make it easy to understand too. For example, “Here’s an analogy for you: Consider your stomach and internal organs a furnace that is holding onto a fire. The fire is what keeps the fat burning process going. Consider wood the food you put into your body. If you don’t provide any wood to that fire, it will go out and the fire will eventually dissipate. If you go too long without providing wood to the fire then it will also go out. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, if you provide too much wood at any one period of time, you’ll smother the fire and it too will dissipate.” People always say how it’s better to eat 6 small meals a day, rather than 3 big ones, but now I have a good understanding of why. That’s big to me. Understanding why it works…science. Any program can say go do this, go do that, it will work, we swear! But, with MP45 it’s do this x amount of times, eat this at x hour…don’t believe us? Well here’s the science of it. All in all, the nutritional regiment of MP45 is very effective, and has a synergistic effect with the training.



Training and H.I.S.T.

MP45 utilizes the practice of H.I.S.T, or high intensity stimulation training. H.I.S.T. is based off the H.I.T. technique, originated by legend Mike Mentzer. The principles of H.I.T. focus on doing compound exercises (exercises that work multiple muscles…squats, bench press, deadlifts), with extreme intensity, and until failure. H.I.S.T. builds on these principles, but also incorporates cardio. I like this a lot because I think of myself as an athlete, not just some muscular goon. But also, MP45 explains how the heart is a muscle, which must be exercised, and how a good cardio routine will help lose fat, and also increase lifting abilities. MP45 really drives home the importance of intensity… “Intensity is the most efficient way to burn fat not only because of the calories that it burns during exercise though, but also because of the recovery process that takes place after.”  MP45 training is intense, detailed, and very effective.


Nuggets of wisdom

MP45 has a whole lot of good information, but certain bits just stick. I’ve learned a lot about fitness and nutrition over these past 6 weeks. The analogy I gave earlier about the furnace won’t escape my mind anytime soon. I learned other things like why it’s better to run in the morning, the importance of intensity, why to keep workouts under an hour, and a lot more. The fact that you’re reading this probably says you have questions about fitness/nutrition and are looking to get ripped. If your experience is anything like mine, you will achieve this, and then some.


More than just a training program.

On the risk of sounding cheesy, this program does a lot more for you than just get you jacked. It changes your life. The principles behind MP45 can be applied to many aspects of life. For example, training with intensity is important not only in the gym, but to everything you do in life. Give it your all, 100% of the time, nothing less. I’m not gonna sit here and try to reiterate the things I have learned because I will butcher them completely and sound like a fool. The creator of MP45, Jarret Grosman, is a certified motivational speaker, and boy does he do a good job. Take a look at their youtube channel below. Oh! That reminds me…You can personally E-mail Jarret and he will get back to you pretty soon. Hell, I wish my dell had that kind of customer service! Damn outsourcing… Anyway, MP45 has transformed my life. I can honestly say this is the best 97 dollars I have ever spent.



MP45 really worked for me. I became ripped, and also learned a lot about nutrition and fitness. It works because it’s based on scientific fact. The nutrition section is very informative, training is innovative and intense, and the detailed guide pilots you through every day. I would highly recommend it, but just know it’s not easy…but boy does it work.


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